Tights wholesale

Wholesale hosiery from online store
Elagant, full of passion and available in forms, designs and types, which suit expectations and needs of every woman. Wholesale tights from Fiore means amazing choice, fashionable, unique projects and designs created by the most intriguing artists in the industry. The brand is a hosiery expert, which continues to invest in new materials, solutions and projects appreciated by women around Europe. Pick the pantyhose, stockings and other products from the latest collections and start a cooperation right away!

Cigarette rolling papers

Cigarette industry accessories - Golden Filter
To find high quality accessories, different varieties of tobacco available at attractive prices, visit the website of Golden Filter group and contact the companies, which created it. Del-Vis and Hawana Tabacco manufacture cigarette rolling papers, tubes and filters, while TabPol is known for their tobacco of different kinds.

High gloss tv cabinets

MEX - great high gloss furniture for your home
Modern, contemporary style becomes increasingly popular all over the UK. MEX is an online store, which offers a diversity of fashionable furniture, including great high gloss TV cabinets. The units are manufactured from solid materials and are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and stylistic versions.

Front end loader for sale

Modern agricultural loaders from experienced manufacturer
Apart from the highest solidity and efficiency of work, T229 and T241 models of front end loaders manufactured by Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o. company are also very functional. Their installation on the tractor can be conducted through using solid bolts (the T229 model) or special and very fast run-on system, developed to minimize your effort in this respect. This agricultural machinery is available in two capacity versions - 1300 or 1600 kilograms. Visit the website, find out more about the technical details and contact us!


Dressta - bulldozer, dozer and other construction machinery
From the most powerful, heavy-weight wheel loaders and crawler dozers, to smaller, more versatile bulldozer, each model from Dressta’s offer is a reliable, proven equipment. The company has prepared a selection of construction machinery for standard and the most difficult tasks in the most demanding conditions.

Centrifuge basket

Rotary sieve for separating liquids and solid particles
Amongst the advantages, offered by the rotary sieve, it is worth to mention the ability to work with no interruption. Thanks to special construction, centrifuge basket, wire tubes used and reinforcing solutions, the drum screen is perfect for the most demanding industrial conditions. Moreover, they work at maximum efficiency while maintaining low energy consumption. As a result the process of separating liquids and solid particles generates lower costs in diverse industrial facilities. The dimensions can be adjusted to your requirements.

Laboratory balances

RADWAG - balances you can trust
For the most demanding research and development facilities, the RADWAG company has prepared a choice of precise, reliable weighing equipment. The laboratory balances employ the most advanced technological solutions to ensure your measurements help you in your work. The website presents the details of the scales.

Formwork accessories

Quality formwork details
Ceiling and wall solutions along with single-side anchors and other products. Check Forbuild’s website to find the formwork accessories you were looking for. These advanced solutions ensure reliability and durability of each structure by transferring the concrete pressure to the panels. Find out more about the products.

Dysphagia products

PJ Therapeutic's tools for dysphagia
A variety of speech disorders can be effectively treated thanks to more and more advanced tools available on the market. PJ Therapeutic also offers dysphagia products for everyone struggling with swallowing disorders. Pick from straws, grabbers, cups, spoons and other items manufactured by ARK, IOPI Medical and other respected companies.

Short takeoff and landing

M28 STOL twin turboprop aircraft
One of the most versatile skytrucks currently in operation around the world. M28 short takeoff and landing (STOL) plane is used in civil aviation as well as by the military in harsh conditions. The flexibility of this twin turboprop aircraft allows it to be easily transformed from passenger to cargo or VIP versions.

Avid brake pads

Even better brakes
Comprehensive, yet carefully selected offer of quality accessories for bicycles and their owners. Visit the online store to find a range of parts from Shiman, Magura, Hayes and other well-known and appreciated brands. Choose for instance Avid brake pads in several options: sintered, semi-metalic, organic and others.


Killer of flies
Get rid of your insect problem effectively - with our electric and glue exterminators. Our offer includes fly traps of amazing efficiency. They were designed for storehouses, shops, plants but also for other places, where aesthetic features are also highly important. Check the full offer or available killers.

Clergy stoles

Chasubles, albs, cassocks and other vestments
For all occasions during the liturgical year - our online shop has prepared an offer including a liturgical vestment in diverse versions and styles, clergy stoles and more. Visit the website to find surplices, cassocks, stoles, albs, chasubles and numerous other products available in different types. Their colors and styles are perfect for different church celebrations.

Wireless security system

Quality and reliable wireless CCTV systems from CAMSAT
Closed-circuit television has been known for years as an effective way of monitoring and improving safety and facilities of virtually any kind. Nowadays, thanks to solutions developed by CAMSAT, it is even more easy to install and use. Wireless security systems, based on transmitters, receivers as well as accessories introduced by our company, are characterized by highest quality of image even in places where fairly strong interference might occur. Check their technical details on the website.

Portable bars

Mobile bar for professionals
Classic, VIP version and almost 30 other folding working areas for professional bartenders for sale! Visit the website to find one of the best portable bars on the market. They are compact, lightweight, very stable, elegant and highly practical - they are everything you need to work flawlessly during your next event.

Tapping tee

A range of PE electrofusion fittings
Manufactured from quality materials (including PE100 and PE100RC), they meet the requirements of strict norms (e.g. EN1555 and EN12201), governing electrofusion fittings. Each tapping tee was designed to make the installation easier, faster, safer and at the same time ensure longevity of the whole system.

Vaser Hi Def

The best results in body shaping
Forget about the scalpel and regain slim, natural silhouette thanks to Vaser Hi Def. This method becomes extremely popular as it is believed to be the best one in reducing fat and shaping a patient’s body. In Top-Medics clinic in Poland this procedure is performed by one of the best specialists in the field.

Tapicerstwo samochodowe Katowice

Tapicerstwo Carlex
Tapicerstwo samochodowe to jedna ze specjalności zakładu Carlex Design. Jesteśmy w stanie wykonać doskonałe wnętrza samochodów, które będą zachwycać swoją jakością, oryginalnością i niezwykłym stylem. Dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby podążać za nowoczesnymi trendami, dlatego też w naszej pracy wykorzystujemy innowacyjne technologie i najatrakcyjniejsze na rynku materiały i wzory. Odwiedź nas niedaleko Katowic - w Bielsku Białej.

http://www.art-abazur.co.uk - Custom lampshades

Art-Abazur lampshades from Poland
Pick the most original design from the offer of the Polish manufacturer. Art-Abazur offers custom lampshades in virtually unlimited variety of shapes, sizes and materials used for their production. What is more, the designers can work on your ideas and individual projects. Get in touch with the company to discover new potential in your interior.

Law firm Poland

Corporate law - get help from Magnusson
When you are running your business in one of the countries in the Baltic Sea Region, you can count on comprehensive legal help from Magnusson company. It is a law firm with office in Poland and other countries in the area, which offers their advice and help in different issues a company might have due to diverse, complicated regulations of the country.

Deacon dalmatics

Stoles for deacons
Characterised by very beautiful embroidery, our deacon dalmatics are a quality choice for clerics. The stoles depict, among other versions, such Christian symbols as Saint Mary of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Perpetual Help or Saint Anthony of Padua. Special embroidered dedication is available as well - perfect for special occasions.